The Winged Nova Ray® ROV
Inspired By Underwater Inspection Challenges

Wide-area surveys and critical infrastructure inspections demand a powerful ROV (remotely operated vehicle) that's stable in strong currents and tides. Designers of the winged Nova Ray®, former commerical divers and ROV pilots, sought to overcome industry struggles of working in challenging underwater environments. With its patented bow-shaped wing, the Nova Ray® works with the current - not against it. It counters destabilizing effects of cable drag, operates in up to 9 knot currents under tow, and has plenty of payload for cost effective project results.

Reduce Field Downtime

Reliability is enhanced by the Nova Ray® modular design. It is easy to perform quick field servicing, add on peripheral devices and upgrades. Replacing a defective part does not require returning the entire ROV to the factory-just the part. With spare parts on hand, costly downtime is reduced and project budgets maintained.

Wings for True Axis Flight and Stability

The Nova Ray® goes deeper with less cable than other underwater towable vehicles. In fact, the Nova Ray® has been described as having patented the most efficient wing design in nature. The portable, cost effective Nova Ray® is a natural selection for underwater inspection and detection projects. It is ruggedly compact for ship hull and pipeline inspections to port security and emergency response in lakes and rivers. More at Technology.


Select The Model To Fit Your Project Needs

Nova Ray Model 2000 Nova Ray Model 2500 Nova Ray Model 3000 Nova Ray Model 3500
Basic inspection and survey, including emergency
response capabilities.
Side scan sonar for wide area sweeps and reconnaissance. Forward scan sonar for baseline
and repetitive imaging.
Fully equipped imaging for mission critical inspections and tracking.


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